Thursday, May 27, 2010

Police Video on TV

One of the age old questions that is getting louder and louder in today's society is what does the public have the right to know. Police video is everywhere that you look these days and people are just eating it up. Is this the way that we want out society to be? Out children are being inundated with this violent footage everyday and what is it doing to them? And it certainly does not help that much of the police video that is out there does not portray policemen in a pretty light. Police video shows police beating and abusing many of the criminals, or supposed criminals that they arrest. This type of police video does not instill trust in authority in children. And yet you do not want to shelter them too much, right?

It is confusing trying to figure out where to draw the line. But now you also have makers of police video series in which all of their worst moments are caught on tape and put together for all to see. People buy these police videos and watch them with all of their friends as entertainment! Personally I don't think this sort of police video is amusing at all, in fact I think this type of police video is taking a toll on out society. We need to respect our policemen and stop watching police video.

On the news is another type of police video, sometimes anyway but do we need to see it? Reading the news in the paper is one thing but watching police video on TV is another. Seeing all of the violence and anger out in the world does nothing to make us happier all it does is make us more depressed. I know that it is important for many to keep abreast of the news but you do not have to see it, when you do see it in the police video it is much different than when it is read. Watching these types of police video is what is desensitizing us and out youth and turning us into the monsters that we are becoming. We as a society need to take a hold of ourselves and think about what we need to see and what we do not need to see and police video is the perfect place to start.