Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Police Car Burnouts Are Getting More and More Common

Police car burnouts are getting more and more common all of the time. There is so much policing to be done in every city and the funds to the police departments are getting scales back constantly. These cut backs are leading to an epidemic of police car burnouts. Pretty soon all of the cops will have to be riding bikes because all of the cop cars will be police car burnouts. The government needs to step up and do what needs to be done and if this means more money to go towards police departments then so be it but we cannot continue to have so many police car burnouts.

Police car burnouts are not only a pain in the butt they are also dangerous. If a police officer is called to the scene of a crime they need to be able to get there immediately. If they cannot due to police car burnouts then someone could get seriously injured or even killed. This is a terrible tragedy that can be avoided by working to prevent police car burnouts. It is not the police officers fault if their requests for car repairs get ignored. A police officer can only do so much and then all cases of police car burnouts get passed on up the ladder. What we need when it comes to police car burnouts is a ladder that actually leads somewhere where things might actually get done.

Police car burnouts are also dangerous to the police officers themselves. They could be a position one day where they need to be on the move. If they cannot be on the move due to police car burnouts then their lives could be in serious danger. Police officers are sitting ducks in police car burnouts. Policemen and women do too much for us, for us to let them suffer due to police car burnouts. These police car burnouts need to come to an end, it is unacceptable that the government should let the police car burnouts get as bad as they have already gotten. Let's demand that they do something about these police car burnouts today. March on the White House if we have to but get something done about police car burnouts. Stop police car burnouts! Stop police car burnouts!