Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pokemon Officer Jenny

In Pokemon officer Jenny is kind of the lover lady of the show. She is the character that Brock chases after all of the time. This show is one of the cutest things that I have ever seen on TV. The characters are all great and they are so much fun. They all attack life, even Pokemon officer Jenny with such zeal and enthusiasm that it is a great example for the kids to see. Pokemon officer Jenny is not one of the main characters in this children's show but she does pop up quite often in order to lend a hand to the gang when they need help.

Pokemon officer Jenny is a good example of what a police officer should be. Pokemon officer Jenny is tough and she is kind and most importantly she is always willing to listen and lend a hand. Pokemon officer Jenny is the perfect role model for any child in this day in age. There is too much cruelty on TV and especially concerning the cops but when you get a glimpse of Pokemon officer Jenny all of those bad and mean cop thoughts will go straight out the window,

In her own way Pokemon officer Jenny is the character that holds the show together. She is the force of ultimate god that sometimes needs to be called on to get order to prevail. It is Pokemon officer Jenny that everyone turns to when things get really bad, too bad for regular people to deal with. Sometime the law does need to be called for and that includes Pokemon officer Jenny in Pokemon. If only there was a real Pokemon officer Jenny to call upon, then none of us would ever have to worry about crime actually touching us.

Pokemon officer Jenny is a pretty woman and funnily enough there is more than one of her in the show. No matter where the main characters go they run into a different Pokemon officer Jenny. All of the Pokemon officer Jenny's are related to each other and they all have heard the stories about Brock and they are all on their guard at all times. And it is so cute to see him blush every time that he sees Pokemon officer Jenny.