Sunday, May 16, 2010

Free Police Patches Are Cool

Free police patches are cool and we all want to have some. I have always dreamed of having my own free police patches, ever since I was a little itty bitty baby. I used to watch the policemen and women walk by me on the street and think to myself that there was nothing that I would not do to get free police patches for myself. I used to look high and low to try to find free police patches but to know avail. Now I know that every now and then you can find specials and deals online, ones that will give you free police patches. You will generally find the most of these free police patches around Halloween time.

If you have always wanted to be a police officer then you have probably been one often at Halloween time. If this sounds like you then you know that finding police uniforms to wear as costumes is not a difficult process. There are hundreds of costume shops online and they often have great deals on free police patches. Online costume stores have much better deals than any brick and mortar ones. The ones in your town will probably never offer you free police patches but shops online will certainly offer you free police patches.

If you do not yet have a police uniform costume you are in a much better position to get free police patches. When you shop online for your costume ask the shop owner if they will throw in free police patches if you get the rest of your costume from them. Do not wait to see an offer in writing for free police patches, you have to go the extra mile and ask for the free police patches. This is the best way for you to guarantee yourself some free police patches.

After you ask for the free police patches you will find that most of the stores will have no problem with throwing in the free police patches. After all in the end they are still going to come out ahead even after giving you free police patches. Look at it this way you have nothing to lose by asking for free police patches so go for it. Getting free police patches is just a really cool bonus of getting a great cop uniform costume.