Monday, February 8, 2010

Police Scanner Codes Are Important

Police scanner codes are important to the welfare of us all. The unfortunate part of police scanner codes is that it is too easy for other people, people who have no business listening, to listen to these police scanner frequencies. Police scanner codes once gotten can be used to listen to almost all of the doings of police in any area and this can get dangerous. When a crime is taking place the police do not have time to worry about those who just want to see what is going on and this is what happens when the police scanner codes get out to the public. There are many people in North America who spend their time putting in the police scanner codes in order to see where the police are going next. They then do all that they can to be on the scene as well to watch the police in action.

This kind of usage of police scanner codes should be illegal and indeed it may be in some places. Interference of any kinds including with police scanner codes should be a punishable offence. Getting in the way of an investigation could cause the perpetrator to get away and it could put many more people in danger all thanks to the leaking of police scanner codes.

Journalists are great users of police scanner codes. These people listen to them all of the time, how do you think that they get where the action is so fast all the time? They use the police scanner codes to listen in to the police frequencies. They then strategically position themselves to be the first on the scene with special access to all today's hottest news. It is a little scary when you think about it that you could get killed someday because some journalist wanted to make sure that the peoples right to know was kept in tact. This is the kind of dangerous behavior that police scanner codes are being used for. And this is obviously not what police scanner codes were designed for when they were created.

Police scanner codes should be used by policemen and women only, no one else should have any access to the police scanner codes. There should be laws about the police scanner codes and these laws should be enforced.