Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let The Unwritten Law Save Me

Please let the unwritten law save me from this world. It is terrible the state that the world has come to these days. Everywhere you look there is nothing but crime and pain but no punishment. In fact, punishment is no place to be found. All I can do is pray that the unwritten law save me today. It is not right that so much evil is in the world and that we have no way to fight it. No matter what these bad people do, there does not seem to be any legal recourse. Please, I beg let the unwritten law save me. Now.

Having kids in this day in age is terrifying as well. We as adults who watch the news from time to time know what is out there just waiting to hunt down our kids and what can we do? We cannot keep them boxed in forever, we cannot lock them away in a bubble for all time. For goodness sake evil people will just come right into your home these days and take your children. Please, let the unwritten law save me. We need for our morals to pick back up. We just do not seem to have any as a society anymore and that is not helping matter at all. Isn't there anything that I can do besides as that the unwritten law save me. Can the unwritten law save me? I don't even think it can anymore.

As if we do not see enough pain and violence in real life, now we need to see it on every channel as well, what is with that? I know that I do not need to know about all of the murders in my city, what is that going to do besides make me afraid to g outside? That is not acceptable because I need to go grocery shopping and I need to go to work each and every day and I need to be bale to let my kid go to school too. Again I ask that the unwritten law save me. Can you, can you please let the unwritten law save me?