Saturday, December 19, 2009

Robin Smith Sonoma Sheriff - The Battle

Robin Smith Sonoma Sheriff the battle is on. There are few women left in the world who are brave enough and strong enough to take on the sheriffs department like Robin Smith. Sonoma Sheriff department's behavior is absolutely atrocious. The men in this department have made a game out of chasing away all of the women that were in the department. The sexual harassment has gone way beyond anything previously seen before in this department there are only two women strong enough to do something about it and one of them is Robin Smith. Sonoma Sheriff department, even the sheriff himself is guilty of hurting these women beyond belief.

There is a lawsuit that has been filed and it names dozens of department men and they are of all ranks. Not just the low ranking men, these men go all the way up the ranks and they are all accused of terrible, terrible crimes toward the women of the department. And no one has ever spoken up before in the way of Robin Smith. Sonoma Sheriff department is ready to go down for what they have done to women. Women cannot understand why these men are so against women, even Robin Smith. Sonoma Sheriff has no reasoning that makes any sense. The women are good at what they do and yet they cannot seem to get any respect at all from the men, or so says Robin Smith. Sonoma Sheriff department is dedicated not to making things better for women but to making them so bad that they quit. No matter how you feel about women there is no reason to do this to Robin Smith. Sonoma Sheriff should be ashamed of himself for letting this continue the way that it has.

Changes need to be made to the rules and regulations and even the laws, just as Robin Smith. Sonoma Sheriff department needs to step up and take responsibility for what it has done, all of the damage it has caused to women and their self-esteem. There is no excuse for the treatment of the women including Robin Smith. Sonoma Sheriff department should also have to make reparations for all that they have done when it is proven what they have done to Robin Smith. Sonoma Sheriff should also apologize to every single woman that has been hurt.