Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh Save Me Unwritten Law, Save Me!

Oh save me unwritten law, save me from this festering crazy world of hate and despair. We have so many laws in place in out society but too many of them are going unenforced or they are ineffectually enforced. Save me unwritten law! I think it is this unwritten law that is our only hope of salvation at all. Where I live there are people in jail longer for having marijuana on their person than people who have actually committed the ultimate sin, murder. That may sound unlikely to you but it is the honest truth. Murder is nothing anymore here and it is slowly beginning to be so everywhere. Oh please save me unwritten law!

I just sit and beg save me unwritten law because what else can I do. The government does not seem to care. Killers and pedophiles are still getting less and less time behind bars each year and it is terror inspiring. Save me unwritten law!

There is a case where live where a gay man was beaten to death. Literally beaten until he no longer breathed. Terrible case, the boys that did it went out that night specifically to do harm to a gay man. They went to the park where gay men were known to spend time and when they came across one by a pond they viciously beat him to death. I do believe that he was bound and beaten and strangled. Save me unwritten law! Save me unwritten law! Well one of the guys is coming up to being let out of jail and all he has served is 16 1/2 months in jail! Save me unwritten law! What is that? He was going to be released in the next month or so now they have decided to keep him in until the full two years has been served. Wow! I am sure that that helps the dead mans family and friends sleep better at night. Please, please save me unwritten law!

This type of disregard for human life is what will be our downfall as a society, it is disgusting and it is inexcusable. If you have the evil to take someone else's life, on purpose with full intent and malice then you do not deserve to be out on the street ever again, never mind in 2 years! Oh, save me unwritten law! It is the unwritten law that will be our only salvation. Oh save me unwritten law! Save me unwritten law!