Thursday, October 29, 2009

Megans Law Has Changed The World

Megans Law has changed the way that we deal with sex offenders for all of time. And it is about time that we took this step in order to protect our children from the monsters that are out there just waiting to take advantage of and destroy their innocence. Megans Law has made it possible for us to find out if these dangerous sex offenders live in our neighborhoods and towns. Of course we know they have to live somewhere but that does not meant hat we want them living near our families and us. Megans Law has given the power back to the people to make informed decisions about where they live and send their children to school.

Before Megans Law came into existence a person would have to go down to the police station and now we can do it from the comfort and safety of our own homes and it is all thanks to Megans Law. Megans Law came to be in September of 2004 and thousands and thousands of people have made use of its wonder and convenience.

Knowing that you can depend on Megans Law can give you enormous peace of mind. All that is left to do now is to get Megans Law put into effect in all of the states. Can you imagine how much safer people would feel if they could get the access that comes with Megans Law?

Megans Law has been brought about by the enormous tragedy of Megan Kanka. This was a little girl who was brutalized and killed by a sex offender with a criminal record of sex crimes. The law knew about this man and no one did anything at all to protect Megan, he was allowed to move in right across the street from her and her family and they did not even know it. After her death her family fought tooth and nail to put Megans Law into effect. They felt, like most other people, that we as a society deserve to know the types of people who are living near us. We should be able to know if a similar kind of offender is living across the street from us and our families and it is with Megans Law that we can get the access to this type of information.