Friday, October 16, 2009

In Law Enforcement Award Cases There Is Much Honor And Ceremony

In law enforcement award cases there is much honor and ceremony. The police officers who are involved in law enforcement award cases are those who have gone beyond their means and somehow found it within themselves to do more than they had to, more than others in their position would have done in the same position, in their shoes so to speak. There are not too many law enforcement award cases each year and the ones that happen are very well deserved.

All policemen and women are heroes in their own right. Just the fact that they went after a career in law enforcement and stuck to it is a big deal because it is hard to be a police officer. You do not get much appreciation as a cop and the pay is not as good as it should be either, so why do people still do it? Before you get your badge you have to go through an awful lot of pain and hard work and yet there are still those willing to do it, even though they know that it is sometimes a thankless job. That is why the law enforcement award cases mean so much to everyone, even to those who are not getting any law enforcement award cases. Just to see others like you being rewarded for their hard work is as good as getting your own law enforcement award cases.

That is not to say that getting rewarded is the only reason that anyone should ever do anything, it is just that once and awhile it is nice to be acknowledged with gratitude. Especially when your job is so dangerous and you are only doing it to help others. Ninety nine percent of the police officers in the world became one in order to make the world itself a better place and it is about time that law enforcement award cases were used to show the appreciation that we should all have. Police officers chose to do what they are doing, they chose to give their lives if they had to in order to help us, to help society and in my books every single police officer deserves law enforcement award cases of their own. If law enforcement award cases will make them feel good about what it is they do then give them all law enforcement award cases.