Friday, October 30, 2009

All About Miami Zoning Laws

Miami zoning laws are tricky and depending on who wants to put them through they may or may not get passed. Florida is known for its iffy Miami zoning laws and for good reason. The Miami zoning laws are always changing and for the most part it does not come down to anything but money. If a developer has a lot of it to spread around then it is amazing how quickly they can get the Miami zoning laws that they need to build. Whereas regular people who want the Miami zoning laws changed for some reason will have to wait forever and maybe then, if they are lucky, someone will hear about it. In order to change Miami zoning laws you have to have money, it is as simple as that.

Right now there is a war going on in Florida about the Miami zoning laws. There are many developers who want to build onto Miami beach and this is causing all sorts of conflicts. The Miami zoning laws are just the way they should stay say many people who live there. But those who stand to make money disagree wholeheartedly, they want to change the Miami zoning laws today so they can get their machines going to tear it all up. More hotels they say, more restaurants! The Miami zoning laws are the basis for much greed in Florida.

The problem with changing the Miami zoning laws and letting builders build more is that there are already tons of problems there. There are too many people as it is and not enough police or security. If the Miami zoning laws were to change and the developers got their way then things would be out of control. The Miami zoning laws have come down tot he people. Now it is the people who will get to vote on what they think of the Miami zoning laws and how they feel they should or should not be changed.

In some places it would be okay to change the Miami zoning laws because it could help to get certain areas out of poverty but this is a delicate matter. Before you vote about he Miami zoning laws make sure that you read up about them.