Friday, September 11, 2009

Police Chase Videos Are For The Dogs

Police chase videos are for the dogs and I say this with all respect to law enforcement as a whole. Police chase videos are taking the world by storm and I just don't get it. Why are police chase videos so ever popular and why on earth do people pay to buy police chase videos what is that? There are producers and film makers out there that are getting rich off of publicizing and selling police chase videos, why? Are these people trying to have us lose faith entirely in out police? I mean after all these are the people that we entrust our safety to on a daily basis and most of the time watching police chase videos does not do much for making us feel safe.

I say all of this because the most popular police chase videos are the ones where the cops do something wrong. Everyone wants to see the cops acting unfairly and treating the little man like dirt and that is what these filmmaker are getting rich off of doing with their police chase videos. These police chase videos show the cops chasing people that do not deserve to be chased or it shows them breaking the law in chasing them at all. In many places the police are not supposed to give chase if it puts the people at risk and yet they still do, okay not good but why does everyone need to see these police chase videos? Why do we need to see how the police are flaunting their power? It is not going to change anything so why have all of these police chase videos?

Now I can see bringing up public awareness of these matters, really I can, I doubt that anything is going to change but I get it, so put the police chase videos on the news. But I do hope you realize that this is not the intent of those who are selling police chase videos. They could not care less if anything changes, in fact I highly doubt they want things to change because if they did what would they do? There would be no more police chase videos to sell, they would be lost without their money making police chase videos. These greedy and selfish people should be stopped from selling their hurtful police chase videos once and for all.