Saturday, July 11, 2009

Learn About Police Dog History

Learning about police dog history is something that everyone can enjoy especially children. Police dog history is fascinating. According to police dog history dogs have been used by law enforcement for well over 100 years with great success. It was not until 1899 however that policemen started formally training a police dog. History states that this training was first done in Belgium. They quickly got more and more dogs to add to their squad once it was proven just how effective they could be and had already been. Police dog history is full of people being surprised at how much use a dog can have in law enforcement.

In police dog history once Belgium started this program law enforcement officers all over the world were getting excited about it. It made the news virtually everywhere and the whole concept caught on like wildfire. According to police dog history by the year 1910 Germany had police dogs in over 600 of their biggest cities. They loved the idea and according to police dog history they have never looked back since. Shortly after Germany all of the other countries of the world fell into step. According to police dog history it was not long before everyone has fully embraced the concept of dogs helping out in police work.

If you listen to police dog history you will find that not only did they go out on the job they were also used to protect premises and goods. According to police dog history these dogs were sometimes used to deter other criminals from stealing what the police had seized.

According to police dog history many of those departments and detachments who had police dogs still do to this day. Everyone loves police dogs and they always have throughout police dog history. In police dog history these brave dogs have been responsible for taking down some of the worst criminals in many different cities. In police dog history they have been some of the most loyal and brave of all police officers.

It was not that common in police dog history for the dogs to actually be considered part of the force though, but that has changed in the last few years of police dog history. Now dogs in some places even have their own badges, this was not always the case in police dog history. All throughout police dog history these dogs have proved that they deserve this honor.