Saturday, January 5, 2008

Everyone Love The Cops Theme Song!

Everyone loves the Cops theme song, it is great! Cops is one of the most popular shows that has ever been on television, it has been on for years and years with new episodes and you have to admit that it is the Cops theme song that draws so many people in. It is a catchy and amusing song and I don't know how it does it but the Cops theme song suits the show to a tee.

The Cops theme song embodies the ridiculousness of criminals in all of their glory. Watching these people try to outwit the police while drunk or high can be one of the most hilarious things that you will ever see. The shoe is great and the Cops theme song only makes it that much better. What makes the show and the Cops theme song so great is the fact that the segments can go from gut bustlingly funny to heart breakingly tragic. There is nothing more sad than the state of some of these criminals' lives. You cannot help but feel for them and wish that you could help. The Cops theme song is a good way that the producers and the writers can help to soften the blow of these sad tales.

It is nice how they have the Cops theme song playing at the end of the show as well to lighten the mood. It keeps up from coming away from the show overly depressed. It is the Cops theme song that people connect with the show more than anything. The creators of the show were brilliant and by choosing the Cops theme song they guaranteed that people would remember the show and the Cops theme song forever. People would watch the show and hear the Cops theme song and then go on to tell their friends about the awesome new show that they just watched. This is how Cops and the Cops theme song have grown into such successes. Even people who have not seen the show know the Cops theme song by heart. If you want to have a great night in front of the TV check your local listings for Cops and the Cops theme song.