Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Crime Mob.......hmmmmm

So Crime Mob is this hot new band right? Well, that would depend on who you ask. This album is definitely a unique album and it is one that you may never forget. When you listen to Crime Mob you will find that you are hearing something the like of which you have never heard before. This album will leave you feeling somewhat wanting but somewhat satisfied at the same time. It is a puzzling experience listening to Crime Mob and I suggest that everyone try it, even if it is just for a few minutes.

Crime Mob has a brand new advertising gig and that is ring tones. This may not sound unique but Crime Mob are advertising their ring tones right there on the cover of their CD. This is something that I have never heard before. The ring tones are actually much better than the CD, keep that in mind when you are listening to Crime Mob, you may not like the CD but downloading the Crime Mob ring tones is fun.

Crime Mob is a crunk band that is gaining in popularity fast. Crime Mob has a solid dirty south sound to them that is definitely catchy, their lyrics are wanting but the music is really quite interesting as I mentioned before. These Crime Mob songs are the type of songs that you will have stuck in your head for days. If you are looking for some cool new songs to crunk out to then you have found the right album in Crime Mob.

I may have given you the idea that I did not like the Crime Mob CD but that is not really the case. I do like it but I was expecting a little more from this supposedly brilliant new group. What I found was a pleasant listen that I would not turn off if it came on the radio. Would I want to spend more than $15 on the CD, not really. If you have some money to burn and you want to listen to something a little different than you are used to then definitely pick up a copy of the new Crime Mob CD and you won't be disappointed. As long as you do not expect the world from Crime Mob.