Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Cops Tv Show Rocks!

I don't think that there is a better TV show on anywhere in the world than the Cops TV show. This show is a classic, it has been on forever or at least it seems like it, I can't remember when this show was not coming on TV. It is the kind of show that you can sit down to with your entire family and enjoy. That is what makes the Cops TV show so special and so popular. If the Cops TV show was not so popular it would not have survived on TV for so many years.

When you are watching the Cops TV show you learn to really appreciate your life as it is. No matter how bad things seem they can always get worse as you will learn from the first time that you watch the Cops TV show. This show makes it clear to people who take their lives for granted that they shouldn't. Enjoy what you have and make the most of it because there are millions of people out there who are not so lucky, just watch the Cops TV show and you will see this for yourself.

I say the Cops TV show is a good show for the whole family to watch because it is. Have you ever heard of the scared straight program? This is a program where kids get taken into the prisons in order to get scared straight by the prisoners. The criminals tell the kids just how bad things really are and it gives a sense of reality to kids who think that breaking the law with their friends is cool. You can get much the same effect from watching the Cops TV show with your kids. They will see how awful it is for some of these criminals and these drug addicts. Every day for these people it is a struggle to get their drugs and their food and their shelter and the things that they have to do is terrible. You hear some pretty sad stories on the Cops TV show but that is not all you hear. There are some pretty funny moments. Some of the people getting arrested on the Cops TV show are pretty out of it, not always high just stupid and I hate to say it but it can be pretty funny. Any way that you slice it watching the Cops TV show is a great way to spend at least part of your evening.