Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Cartman Cops Episode Might Just Be The Funniest Of All In The History Of South Park

The Cartman Cops episode might just be the funniest episode of all the South Park episodes. This is a hilarious half hour of TV that no one, except children, should miss. It is funny and in its own South Park way it is touching but mostly it is just laugh out loud, gut bustlingly funny. Who would ever have though of Cartman Cops? Insanity, but then again things like this Cartman Cops episode are just what has made the creators of South Park so famous not to mention rich.

The Cartman Cops centers around the fact that someone in their town is abusing chickens, if you catch my drift. This naughty, dirty person is on the lam and the only person that should be out looking for him cannot because he just got sent back to the third grade. In the Cartman Cops episode the cop of the show cannot read so he is off the case until he learns how to. This causes serious trouble in this Cartman Cops episode. You have been hearing the phrase Cartman Cops a lot and there is a reason for that. In this esteemed episode Cartman has to become a cop and he is now pretty much the ruler of the whole town. And this makes for some major hilarity in the Cartman Cops episode.

This Cartman Cops episode is mostly about how Cartman loses it completely once he tastes a little bit of power. He drives everyone, the entire town out of its collective mind with his crazy authority problems. The question running through this entire Cartman Cops episode is how much can anyone take of his lunacy? By the end of this Cartman Cops that question gets answered as well as the question of whether or not the real cop ever learns how to read.

I love South Park and the Cartman Cops episode is the perfect example of why. The creators are always pushing the envelope and it is amusing to see just how far they are willing to go like in the Cartman Cops episode. While many of the jokes in the Cartman Cops and in the rest of the jokes for that matter are tasteless, scenes like those in the Cartman Cops episode are still funny.