Wednesday, September 26, 2007

677 For Police Dispatch And The Urban Legend That Surround It

For many years there ahs been a particular urban legend floating around, one that concerns 677 for police dispatch and rape. I have actually received the 677 for police dispatch urban legend message in my email box, perhaps you have too. But whether you have or not it is an interesting story to hear. The 677 for police dispatch legend is about a lone woman alone on a deserted road and her call for help to 677 for police dispatch.

TThis young woman was in her car and driving along the road not thinking about anything concerning 677 for police dispatch when she saw a car pull up along behind her. She did not call 677 for police dispatch at once, in fact she did not even notice it at first. It was not until she saw a flashing light in the rearview mirror that she gave the car any thought and even then at first she did not think to call 677 for police dispatch.

She was not sure what to do since she had had it drilled into her since she could drive that she never pull over for anyone when alone on the highway no matter what. Even if you are sure it is a cop you need to be safe her parents told her so she did not pull over right away. Instead she did pick up her cell and call 677 for police dispatch. By calling 677 for police dispatch she did the right thing, in fact by calling 677 for police dispatch she did the only thing that could probably have saved her from a terrible fate at the hands of the man driving the other car.

While she did think that the driver was a cop she still called 677 for police dispatch. She called 677 for police dispatch in order to let them know that she was not going to pull over until she got to a gas station or somewhere similar with lots of people. The 677 for police dispatch told her that she did not think it was really a cop behind her and sent out a patrol car. It turned out that the car was being driven by a known rapist who was using the flashing light in order to lure his prey. By calling 677 for police dispatch the young woman saved herself from getting raped or worse.

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